Call to Action 3/6/2018 at the RI Statehouse

On Tuesday 3/6/2018 the RI house of Representatives and the RI Senate will be hearing some of the Firearms bills.  Many people have asked for a cheatsheet to ensure they understand which bills are good and which bills are bad for our community.  We encourage all readers to visit our BILLS PAGE and read the text of these bills to make an educated decision and really understand what they are about.  However below is a printable cheatsheet you can take to the statehouse.  There is a call to action and we encourage all second amendment supporters to show up at 3pm on 3/6/2018 at the statehouse rotunda.  There will be sheets to fill out to express your opposition and/or support of the bills and a lot of people from our community.  Now is the time we need you to show up the most.

Printable Cheat Sheet:


RIFOL also created some letters to send to your reps.  Find them BY CLICKING HERE.  They made it very easy to sign and hit send.

Also for more info check out the EVENT by CLICKING HERE.


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