Join the Minutemen and Minutewomen of Rhode Island!

The “Red Coats” are coming and it’s time for an election revolution! Join the 2A team in RI and become a Minuteman or Minutewoman.

As you all may or may not know, our civil liberties are under attack in Rhode Island and it’s not just about the right to bear arms. The Rhode Island General Assembly is trending more progressive with the passing of each election and it’s time we put this to a stop.

We need folks to step up and serve as field coordinators in each city/town or senate/house districts. Each coordinator can organize small groups of folks who will reach out to gun clubs and shops in their assigned area with the sole focus of mobilizing voters. We will provide you with everything you need to do this and you will be a formal member of the 2A team in Rhode Island.

Many of you folks have asked what you can do. This is your chance and your time. You will be one of the leaders in your community that will mobilize Minutemen and Minutewomen across the state.

Please follow the attached link so we can contact you.