Rhode Island Second Amendment Supporters:

It is imperative Second Amendment supporters do all they can to fuel the kinetic energy our community has. Whether it’s supporting the local and state officials that support us or removing the ones that do not, we must be prepared and ORGANIZE.

Below is a form that will allow the folks from the Second Amendment organizations to reach out to you come election season. You will only be contacted by the Rhode Island Second Amendment Political Action Committee when action needs to be taken.

If you are not registered to vote you can do so in step one. If you have not disaffiliated you may do so in Step One as well. Disaffiliating is probably the most important step second to registering to vote.


STEP ONE: Determine your House and Senate district numbers HERE.

STEP TWO: Enter your email and/or phone number HEREYou are NOT required to enter your home address but it does help mobilization come election season.

STEP THREE: Look for our communications in the fall and VOTE in both the 2020 primary and general election.