In the last election cycle one of the most anti-gun legislators in Rhode Island won by 21 votes. Does this sound like something gun owners could have stopped?

We can wipe out enough of the Progressive left in the next election if we organize in a way that gives the Rhode Island Second Amendment Coalition, Federated Rhode Island Sportsmen Club, Rhode Island Revolver and Rifle Association and RIFOL the ability to mobilize gun owners.

These 2nd Amendment organizations have a plan and so long as we work together to follow through the 2A community will be able put a stop to any further push in the years to come. Folks need to share their contact information for this mobilization to happen. You DO NOT need to provide your home address, only the Senate and House district numbers where you reside. However, we will need your email address or your phone number (both would be ideal) so we can contact you come election time.

Below are instructions on how to figure out which local districts you reside. Once that is complete the three steps below you can expect us to contact you when it’s time to not only act in both the primary and general elections. It’s time for us to dictate the narrative with regards to OUR rights rather than let an 18 member anti-gun organization do it for us. We either throw this small minority of legislators out of office or we sit on our hands, the Progressives gain a few more seats and next session will only be more difficult.

STEP ONE: Determine your House and Senate district numbers HERE.

STEP TWO: Enter your email and/or phone number HERE. You are NOT required to enter your home address.

STEP THREE: Vote to protect your firearms rights in both the general and primary elections!